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John Heil

Symposium on his Ontological Point of View

De Gruyter (2013)

This series presents monographs and collected volumes on topics of metaphysics and ontology. Its...

1-3 John

Worship by Loving God and One Another to Live Eternally


‘1-3 John’ treats the three letters of John as a unified epistolary package. Taking a...


A self-contained volume in honor of John J. Benedetto that examines a wide range of topics in...

Philosophy of Mind

A Contemporary Introduction


When first published, John Heil's introduction quickly became a widely used guide for students with...


This work proposes a way to a naturalistic synthesis, one that accords the mental a place in the...


From an Ontological Point of View is a highly original and accessible exploration of fundamental...

The Gospel of John

Worship for Divine Life Eternal


The Gospel of John has been examined from many different perspectives, but a comprehensive treatment...


Saint Paul is rightly considered a great missionary, evangelist, teacher, preacher, and pastor; but...

A Thousand Worlds

The Art and Practice of Haiku Poetry

iUniverse (2005)

The art of Haiku poetry, besides plain-spokenness, embodies a beauty and power that captivates...

Ontology, Modality, and Mind

Themes from the Metaphysics of E. J. Lowe

OUP Oxford (2018)

This book explores a range of traditional and contemporary metaphysical themes that figure in the...