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Brooklyn Knight

Professor Piers Knight is an esteemed curator at the Brooklyn Museum and is regarded by many on the...

The Sleep That Rescues: A Supernatural Detective Novel

The Sleep That Rescues

A Supernatural Detective Novel


Private investigator Teddy London, who has stood firm against vampires, werewolves, and terrors from...

Central Park Knight

Professor Piers Knight is the Brooklyn Museum's very own Indiana Jones. His specialties include lost...

Neil Gaiman's Lady Justice #2
Papercutz (2016)

Several tales feature women wronged seeking the ultimate revenge, empowered by the spirit of Lady...

The Stench of Fresh Air

In The Things That Are Not There, private detective Theodore London was battered almost to death by...

The Things That Are Not There

Private detective Theodore London ran the best agency in New York City until a demon-driven storm...

Fenicus Flint & the Dragons of Berathor

Fenicus Flint, a young dragon, lives with the last of his fading species in a secluded mountain...

Television News, Politics and Young People: Generation Disconnected?

Television News, Politics and Young People

Generation Disconnected?

M. Wayne, J. Petley and 2 more...

Why are young people alienated from television news? This book argues that contemporary trends...

A History of the Behavioral Therapies: Founders' Personal Histories

A unique resource for students, professionals, and fellow travelers interested in the phenomenon of...