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Environmental Impacts of Modern Agriculture

This comprehensive volume examines the environmental impact made by agriculture in the 21st Century,...

Soils and Food Security

This book, the 35th volume of Issues in Environmental Science and Technology, examines the current...

Chemical Alternatives Assessments

With contributions from experts across the globe, this volume addresses some of the key concepts...

Waste as a Resource

This volume examines the potential resource available from several waste streams. Opportunities for...


Fracking - hydraulic fracturing of porous rock to enhance the extraction of fossil fuels - was first...

Still Only One Earth: Progress in the 40 Years Since the First UN Conference on the Environment

Still Only One Earth

Progress in the 40 Years Since the First UN Conference on the Environment


Discussing the key environmental issues affecting the Earth today, this book brings policy makers...

Pharmaceuticals in the Environment

An important reference for researchers in the pharmaceutical industry, environmentalists and policy...

Geoengineering of the Climate System

This volume examines the potential for geoengineering in detail, discussing the possible risks and...

Agricultural Chemicals and the Environment: Issues and Potential Solutions

Updated to include the latest in agricultural developments, including genetically modified crops,...

Environmental Impacts of Road Vehicles: Past, Present and Future

The volume examines the impact that road vehicles have on the environment, and is vital for policy...