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Accidents are preventable, but only if they are correctly described and understood. Since the...

Safety-II in Practice

Developing the Resilience Potentials


Safety-I is defined as the freedom from unacceptable harm. The purpose of traditional safety...

CRC Press (2003)

This Handbook serves as a single source for theories, models, and methods related to cognitive...

CRC Press (2009)

While a quick response can save you in a time of crisis, avoiding a crisis remains the best defense....

The ETTO Principle: Efficiency-Thoroughness Trade-Off

Why Things That Go Right Sometimes Go Wrong

CRC Press (2017)

Accident investigation and risk assessment have for decades focused on the human factor,...

FRAM: The Functional Resonance Analysis Method

Modelling Complex Socio-technical Systems

CRC Press (2017)

Resilience engineering has consistently argued that safety is more than the absence of failures....

Safety-I and Safety-II

The Past and Future of Safety Management

CRC Press (2018)

Safety has traditionally been defined as a condition where the number of adverse outcomes was as low...

CRC Press (2017)

The recent financial crisis has made it paramount for the financial services industry to find new...

Resilient Health Care, Volume 2

The Resilience of Everyday Clinical Work

CRC Press (2017)

Health systems everywhere are expected to meet increasing public and political demands for...

CRC Press (2017)

For Resilience Engineering, 'failure' is the result of the adaptations necessary to cope with the...