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Scottish Baronial Castles 1250–1450

Devastated by the civil wars of the 17th century or by the neglect of their owners, the majority of...

Lincoln’s 90-Day Volunteers 1861: From Fort Sumter to First Bull Run

Lincoln’s 90-Day Volunteers 1861

From Fort Sumter to First Bull Run


On April 15th 1861, the day after the fall of Fort Sumter, President Abraham Lincoln issued a call...

Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry & Dragoon Tactics

During the Napoleonic Wars the supreme battlefield shock weapon was the heavy cavalry – the French...

The Conquistador: 1492–1550

Many accounts portray the conquest of the New World as a remarkable military achievement, with...

Aztec Warrior: AD 1325–1521

According to one popular image, the Aztec army was a ruthless and efficient war machine, that...

Norman Stone Castles (2): Europe 950–1204

Following the creation of the Duchy of Normandy, the Normans were soon introduced to the castle and...

Norman Stone Castles (1): The British Isles 1066–1216

Norman Stone Castles (1)

The British Isles 1066–1216


Descended from the Viking raiders who settled in Northern France under the leadership of Rollo in...

Gettysburg 1863: High tide of the Confederacy

Gettysburg 1863

High tide of the Confederacy


The Confederate invasion of the Northern states was General Lee's last great gamble. By taking the...

Chancellorsville 1863: Jackson's Lightning Strike

Chancellorsville 1863

Jackson's Lightning Strike


Following the debacle of the battle of Fredricksburg in December 1862, Burnside was replaced as...

Fredericksburg 1862: 'Clear The Way'

In December 1862, things were still confused for the Union. Antietam had been a failure for both...