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Roderick Hudson

In this beautifully wrought novel from master of American fiction Henry James, a talented young...

Roderick Hudson

Roderick Hudson is a novel by Henry James. Originally published in 1875 as a serial in The Atlantic...

Roderick Hudson

A gifted American artist finds fame, fortune, and tragedy in Europe in this classic tale. Working...

Roderick Hudson: A Novel

The lives of two men—Roderick Hudson, a gifted sculptor, and Rowland Mallet, Roderick’s...

Roderick Hudson

"Roderick Hudson" is the coming-of-age story of its title character, a young sculptor who falls...

Roderick Hudson (2013)

Originally serialised in the Atlantic Monthly during 1875 and published in book form later in the...

Roderick Hudson

When wealthy Rowland Mallet first sees a sculpture by Roderick Hudson, he is astounded and...

The Rising of Black America with the Assistance of White America
SBPRA (2014)

Blacks are moving in the right direction but at a snail’s pace. The race has a long way to go before...

Special Interest Society: How Membership-based Organizations Shape America

Special Interest Society

How Membership-based Organizations Shape America


Membership-based organizations play a central role in our society yet those studying voluntary...

Antiviral Compounds From Plants
CRC Press (2018)

This timely publication describes the botanical sources and chemical features of antiviral...