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The Impacts of NAFTA on North America: Challenges outside the Box

Why was NAFTA not extended, even after fulfilling several stated objectives? Investigating a number...

Reevaluating NAFTA: Theory and Practice

Reevaluating NAFTA

Theory and Practice


Depicting NAFTA to be but a stepping stone rather than final product of regional economic...

Border Governance and the "Unruly" South: Theory and Practice

Though 9/11 tightened borders against hard threats, why were soft threats able to create havoc in...

Afghanistan, Iraq, and Post-Conflict Governance: Damoclean Democracy?
BRILL (2010)

A comparative study is made of how conflict-terminating negotiations led to maiden democratic...

Transatlantic Transitions: Back to the Global Future?

Transatlantic Transitions

Back to the Global Future?


With North Atlantic post-World War II transatlantic dynamics as the subject, this volume inquires if...

North America's Soft Security Threats and Multilateral Governance: A Post-Westphalian Pathway

The authors use multilateral security governance theory to propose mutual persuasion,...

North American Regionalism and Global Spread

Was the 1993 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) designed as a definitive trade agreement,...

North American Homeland Security: Back to Bilateralism?

North American Homeland Security

Back to Bilateralism?

Anil Hira, Imtiaz Hussain and 1 more...
ABC-CLIO (2008)

Did 9/11 revive a North American guns-butter trade-off? Established in the largest administrative...