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ABC-CLIO (2000)

The contributors provided in this book shed light on and initiate debates about important policy...

Race in the Shadow of Law

State Violence in Contemporary Europe


Race in the Shadow of Law offers a critical legal analysis of European responses to institutional...

Still Ours to Lead

America, Rising Powers, and the Tension between Rivalry and Restraint


Is the United States still a "superpower"? How are the rising powers establishing themselves in...

Slow Eddie

A Cape Cod Story

iUniverse (2010)

SLOW EDDIE is a story of friendship, race, class, love and loss that unfolds on Cape Cod. Eddie, a...


Redefining Competency-Based Education provides an expanded definition of career competence, based...


Climate change and escalating human demands on the environment have had increasing impacts on...

The Risk Pivot

Great Powers, International Security, and the Energy Revolution


The last decade has seen a revolution in global energy. First, we saw explosive growth in demand...

Recovering Five Generations Hence

The Life and Writing of Lillian Jones Horace

Born in the 1880s in Jefferson, Texas, Lillian B. Jones Horace grew up in Fort Worth and dreamed of...

Cooperating for Peace and Security

Evolving Institutions and Arrangements in a Context of Changing U.S. Security Policy


This book shows that US interests have shaped institutions, but other states have also driven...


From Assembly Language to C Using the PIC24 Family

Bryan A. Jones, Robert Reese and 1 more...

This completely updated second edition of MICROCONTROLLERS: FROM ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE TO C USING THE...