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Mathematical models in biology and medicine cannot be based on natural laws as it is the case with...

Dynamical Systems

Stability, Controllability and Chaotic Behavior


This book investigates uncontrolled and controlled time-continuous and time-discrete systems. It...


J. P. La Salle has developed in [20] a stability theory for systems of difference equations (see...

Mathematische Modellierung

Eine Einführung in die Problematik


Im landläufigen Mathematikunterricht an Schulen und Hochschulen wird die Mathematik überwiegend als...


Dynamische Behandlung von Spielen


Mathematisch präzise führt dieses Lehrbuch in die Grundlagen der Spieltheorie und deren dynamische...

Modern Methods of Optimization

Proceedings of the Summer School “Modern Methods of Optimization”, held at the Schloß Thurnau of the University of Bayreuth, Bayreuth, FRG, October 1–6, 1990


This volume contains the proceedings of the summer school "Modern Methods of Optimization", held at...

Recent Advances and Historical Development of Vector Optimization

Proceedings of an International Conference on Vector Optimization Held at the Technical University of Darmstadt, FRG, August 4–7, 1986


In vector optimization one investigates optimization problems in an abstract setting which have a...