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Problem-Solving Strategies for Efficient and Elegant Solutions, Grades 6-12: A Resource for the Mathematics Teacher

This updated edition presents ten strategies for solving a wide range of mathematics problems, plus...

Problem Solving in Mathematics, Grades 3-6: Powerful Strategies to Deepen Understanding

With sample problems and solutions, this book demonstrates how teachers can incorporate nine problem...

Problem-Solving Strategies in Mathematics: From Common Approaches to Exemplary Strategies

Problem-Solving Strategies in Mathematics

From Common Approaches to Exemplary Strategies

"This is a wonderful book, filled with problems and witty solutions, addressed to anyone...

Effective Techniques to Motivate Mathematics Instruction

Effective Techniques to Motivate Mathematics Instruction offers pre-and in-service teachers best...

Strategy Games to Enhance Problem-Solving Ability in Mathematics

-->. Games are seen only for recreation. However, this book shows that games can be used to...

Exemplary Practices for Secondary Math Teachers
ASCD (2007)

Veteran educators share proven solutions to guide a new secondary math teacher through the...