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Callie's Cowboy: A Loveswept Classic Romance

Callie's Cowboy

A Loveswept Classic Romance

Under the Texas moon, Karen Leabo explores the deep longings that lead to romance in a poignant tale...

Lana's Lawman: A Loveswept Classic Romance

Lana's Lawman

A Loveswept Classic Romance

In a tender story of fateful encounters and second chances, Karen Leabo maps the territory of true...

Millicent's Medicine Man: A Loveswept Classic Romance

Millicent's Medicine Man

A Loveswept Classic Romance

Here is author Karen Leabo’s poignant and heartwarming story of two people who have struggled...

The Prodigal Groom
Harlequin (2011)

CELEBRATION 1000 The Wedding Night JILTED! Even though the entire town thought Jake...

Ryan's Rescue
Harlequin (2011)

WHO CAN YOU TRUST? Christine Greenlow wasn't sure she knew anymore. In just a few days, she'd been...

Hell on Wheels: A Loveswept Classic Romance

Hell on Wheels

A Loveswept Classic Romance

Karen Leabo ratchets up the suspense with a sexy tale of two people chasing tornadoes—and flirting...

Hot Property: A Novel

A no-nonsense cop falls for an unlikely suspect in Karen Leabo's tale of hot pursuit and hotter...

Witchy Woman: A Novel

Karen Leabo brews a steamy cauldron of romance and suspense as a spirited couple battles an ancient...

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: A Novel

Karen Leabo spins a sexy, thrilling story of an FBI agent playing a dangerous game—and falling head...

Midnight Confessions
Harlequin (2011)

Not without my daughter SHE HAD A PRICE ON HER HEAD Jenn Montgomery had finally found a...