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Muriwai Books (2017)

Music lessons, Joe Maddy has always felt, should not be painful. They are an exciting experience at...

Joe’S Tap

The Story of Maurine and Tales of the Other Cape May

iUniverse (2016)

In the 1950s and 60s, America hasnt reached ethnic equality. On the crowded Jersey Shore, resort...

For Beginners (2013)

Would there be a Western civilization without the Greek myths? Would we be able to define our...

For Beginners (2011)

Dante For Beginners  takes the reader on a trip starting in hell and ending in heaven. The reader...

The CIA Makes Sci Fi Unexciting

The Life of Lee Harvey Oswald


At long last it's the new issue of Microcosm's continuing CIA zine series! For the tenth anniversary...

For Beginners (2008)

Existentialism For Beginners  is an entertaining romp through the history of a philosophical...

For Beginners (2012)

Jane Austen's novels are classics. They have never been out of print, and have continuously been...

For Beginners (2008)

Deconstruction is so labyrinthine (and rumored to be fatal) that it’s become the monster that...

For Beginners (2008)

Despite the reshifting of values that has affected every aspect of life in the 21st century, William...

For Beginners (2007)

If you are like most people, you’re not sure what Postmodernism is. And if this were like most books...