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Christopher Marlowe: Poet & Spy
OUP Oxford (2005)

Park Honan's exciting new biography highlights Christopher Marlowe's dangerous career as a part-time...

Christopher Marlowe: The Plays and Their Sources

Christopher Marlowe

The Plays and Their Sources


This major work brings together, for the first time in a single volume, all the recognized sources...

Christopher Marlowe

Christopher Marlowe has provoked some of the most radical criticism of recent years. There is an...

Christopher Marlowe

In uncovering the origin of the designation 'University Wits', Bob Logan examines the...

Christopher Marlowe: A Renaissance Life

Kuriyama's new biography reconstructs the eventful life of a radically innovative playwright who...

The World of Christopher Marlowe

The definitive biography: a masterly account of Marlowe's work and life and the world in which he...

Christopher Marlowe in Context

The most up-to-date contextual guide to Christopher Marlowe's world and the full range of his poetry...

Christopher Marlowe the Craftsman: Lives, Stage, and Page

Contributions to this volume explore the idea of Marlowe as a working artist, in keeping with John...

Works of Christopher Marlowe

This collection was designed for optimal navigation on Kindle and other electronic devices. It is...

A Christopher Marlowe Chronology

This new Chronology offers a unique and accessible overview of key dates relevant to Christopher...