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Crossway (2016)

Challenging atheists to be more skeptical about their own worldview, this book by an accomplished...


We know that faith means "being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not...

Kingdom Triangle

Recover the Christian Mind, Renovate the Soul, Restore the Spirit's Power

Zondervan (2009)

Here is penetrating analysis and critique of Western society's dominant worldviews, naturalism and...


In Consciousness and the Existence of God , J.P. Moreland argues that the existence of finite,...

Scaling the Secular City

A Defense of Christianity


Here are up-to-date arguments for God's existence and for Jesus' deity and resurrection, answers to...

A defense of the scientific view of creationism.

Lost Virtue of Happiness

Discovering the Disciplines of the Good Life


We are only happy when we pursue a transcendent purpose, something larger than ourselves. This...

Jesus Under Fire

Modern Scholarship Reinvents the Historical Jesus

Zondervan (2010)

This excellent collection of essays evaluates the findings of the Jesus Seminar.

Truth and the New Kind of Christian

The Emerging Effects of Postmodernism in the Church

Crossway (2007)

R. Scott Smith surveys the influence of postmodernism and presentsthe claims of several Christian...

Wiley (2009)

With the help of in-depth essays from some of the world's leading philosophers,  The...