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Wiley (2010)

The book investigates the impact on the competitiveness of cities developing creative industries...

Wiley (2013)

Urban policy makers are increasingly striving to strengthen the economic competitiveness of their...

Urban Segregation and the Welfare State

Inequality and Exclusion in Western Cities


Urban Segregation and the Welfare State examines ethnic and socio-economic segregation patterns,...

Inventive City-Regions

Path Dependence and Creative Knowledge Strategies


Virtually every city-region in West and Central Europe has developed policies and strategies to...


An interdisciplinary study of the changing urban space of Amsterdam.

Life in Poverty Neighbourhoods

European and American Perspectives


In contemporary European and American urban policy and politics and in academic research it is...


Creative industries have become fundamental in signalling the economic wellbeing of cities and urban...

Mass Housing in Europe

Multiple Faces of Development, Change and Response


Based on empirical research from 29 major postwar housing estates in 15 European cities, this...

Neighbourhoods of Poverty

Urban Social Exclusion and Integration in Comparison

Sako Musterd, Alan Murie and 1 more...

Drawing on research from 11 European cities, this collection provides a new assessment of the place...


Growing inequalities in Europe are a major challenge threatening the sustainability of urban...