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The Professional's Guide to Business Development

How to Win Business in the Professional Services

Kogan Page (2012)

This book shows you how to differentiate yourself from your competitors, engaging with clients in a...

Success as a Coach

Start and Build a Successful Coaching Practice

Kogan Page (2013)

A complete guide to starting and developing your coaching business.

Crossway (2015)

Exploring the life of a slave trader turned hymn writer, this book looks to the pastoral legacy of...

Leading from the Trenches

What It Takes to Become an Instructional Leader

Leading from the Trenches assists principals in building their own capacity to become true...

Breaking Down the Schoolhouse Doors

A Successful Transition into the Teaching Profession

This book assists preservice teachers in building their own capacity to transition effectively into...

To Command the Sky

The Battle for Air Superiority Over Germany, 1942-1944


0false18 pt18 pt00falsefalsefalse To Command the Sky is a scholarly record of the fight for...