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Myth, Depravity, Impasse: Graves, Shakespeare, Keats

Myth, Depravity, Impasse

Graves, Shakespeare, Keats

iUniverse (2008)

How can we know the great Goddess again? How worthy are we of that mythical experience? How are we...

Shakespeare's Muse: An Introductory Overview

Shakespeare's Muse

An Introductory Overview

iUniverse (2007)

Recent interest in who Shakespeare's Muse may have been prompts one to come forthto dispel the...

The Modern Debacle: And Our Hope in the Goddess: <Br>A Literary Testament

The Modern Debacle

And Our Hope in the Goddess:
A Literary Testament

iUniverse (2007)

The period covered in this book ranges from the early part of the 20th century right through to its...

The New School of the Imagination: Rudolf Steinerýs Mystery Plays in Literary Tradition

The New School of the Imagination

Rudolf Steinerýs Mystery Plays in Literary Tradition

iUniverse (2007)

This essay offers a radical view of the post-Renaissance, Western literary scene inasmuch as Rudolf...

Shakespeare’S Richard Ii, God, and Language
iUniverse (2010)

This book presents an in-depth view of the extraordinary revisionist language Shakespeare gives to...

Prospero's Powers: A Short View of Shakespeare's Last Phase

Prospero's Powers

A Short View of Shakespeare's Last Phase

iUniverse (2006)

As the third part of his trilogy on Shakespeare, Prospero's Powers extends the study of the late...

Shakespeare,  the Goddess,  and  Modernity
iUniverse (2012)

OMearas work is the perfect supplement to [Ted] Hughess Shakespeare and the Goddess of Complete...

This Life, This Death: Wordsworth’S Poetic Destiny
iUniverse (2011)

Looking ahead to the 250th anniversary of Wordsworths birth, this small book challenges fresh...

The Singing Masters

'Fascinating... a delight not to be missed. It's a rare treat indeed to find such an honest,...

The History and Topography of Ireland

Gerald of Wales was among the most dynamic and fascinating churchmen of the twelfth century. A...