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The Secret Country: Decoding Jayne Anne Phillips' Cryptic Fiction

The Secret Country

Decoding Jayne Anne Phillips' Cryptic Fiction


The Secret Country is the first monograph on the work of the contemporary American novelist Jayne...

The Politics of the Human

An elegant and forceful argument that represents the claim to equality as central to the meaning of...

Democracy and Difference
Wiley (2013)

A new emphasis on diversity and difference is displacing older myths of nation or community. A new...

Gender and Culture
Wiley (2013)

The idea that respect for cultural diversity conflicts with gender equality is now a staple of both...

Engendering Democracy
Wiley (2013)

Democracy is the central political issue of our age, yet debates over its nature and goals rarely...

Which Equalities Matter?
Wiley (2013)

Democracy and democratization are now high on the political agenda, but there is growing...

The Faith of Girls: Children's Spirituality and Transition to Adulthood

The Faith of Girls

Children's Spirituality and Transition to Adulthood


Exploring the spirituality and faith of girls on the verge of adolescence, this book presents fresh...

Feminism and Politics
OUP Oxford (1998)

Feminism challenges both the theory and practice of politics, opening up new ways of thinking about...

The Politics of Presence
OUP Oxford (1998)

This study, in the celebrated Oxford Political Theory series, provides a ground-breaking...

Multiculturalism without Culture

Public opinion in recent years has soured on multiculturalism, due in large part to fears of radical...