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Beyond Psychology

A plea for the acceptance of the irrational element in man is the most vital part of human life and...

The Psychology and Psychotherapy of Otto Rank

Otto Rank, an Austrian psychologist, was a protégé of Sigmund Freud who saw in young Rank a gifted...

Don Juan Legend

Originally published in 1924, this study of the Don Juan legend is a powerful interpretation of one...

The Double: A Psychoanalytic Study

The Double

A Psychoanalytic Study

Otto Rank, Harry Tucker Jr. and 1 more...

Alive, fresh, and stimulating, the theme of The Double comprises the issues of identity,...

Acts of Will: The Life and Work of Otto Rank

Acts of Will

The Life and Work of Otto Rank

Free Press (2010)

Once Freud's most favoured student and associate, Otto Rank came to be reviled by the psychoanalytic...