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A biography of the businessman and politician, Cecil Rhodes.

Narrative CBT

Distinctive Features


The popularity of using narrative, metaphor and building solutions in CBT has increased in recent...

The End of Plagues

The Global Battle Against Infectious Disease


An absorbing history of the battle against the world's deadliest scourges, including smallpox and...

Videoconferencing for the Real World

Implementing Effective Visual Communications Systems


"John Rhodes' Videoconferencing for the Real World, is a one of the world's most comprehensive...

Monoids and Semigroups with Applications

Proceedings of the Berkeley Workshop in Monoids

The purpose of the Berkeley Workshop on Monoids was to give expository talks by the most qualified...


Rhode Island's contribution to World War II vastly exceeded its small size. Narragansett Bay was an...


This title was first published in 2002. One of the most fascinating and controversial...


Designed to meet the complex needs of patients with psychosis, Narrative CBT for Psychosis ...

Research and Knowledge at Work

Prospectives, Case-Studies and Innovative Strategies


This fascinating and controversial text makes sense of the complexities of research in the workplace...


This selection of John Donne's most powerful prose shows that the man remembered predominantly for...