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Rhode Island Clam Shacks

Steamships once plied the waters of Narragansett Bay, carrying thousands of guests to feasts of...

Rhode Island Beer: Ocean State History on Tap

Rhode Island Beer

Ocean State History on Tap


Rhode Island may be the smallest state, but its brewing history packs a mighty punch. In the 1600s,...

Southern European Welfare States: Between Crisis and Reform

Southern European welfare states - in common with their northern counterparts - are under stress....

Italy - A Contested Polity

Despite the promise of the new "Second Republic" launched in the early 1990s, Italy remains Europe’s...

Crisis and Transition in Italian Politics

Since 1989 Italian politics has witnessed changes that have placed it under an international...

Introduction to Particle Technology
Wiley (2008)

Particle technology is a term used to refer to the science and technology related to the handling...

Recasting European Welfare States

This volume presents research on the recasting of European welfare states from the European Forum on...

Political and Economic Dynamics of the Eurozone Crisis
OUP Oxford (2016)

This book provides a clear and impartial analysis of the Eurozone crisis and what it means for the...

New Modes of Governance in Europe: Governing in the Shadow of Hierarchy

Based on the research of the EU-6th framework funded research consortium on 'New Modes of Governance...

The Future of European Welfare: A New Social Contract?

European welfare states are currently under stress and the 'social contracts' that underpin them are...