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James Whitcomb Riley: Young Poet

Active and restless, Bud” Riley, the boy who would grow to be one of the 19th century’s most popular...

The Short Stories - James Whitcomb Riley: "The ripest peach is highest on the tree."

The Short Stories - James Whitcomb Riley

"The ripest peach is highest on the tree."


James Whitcomb Riley was born on October 7th 1849. Riley began his career writing verses as a sign...

Riley Farm-Rhymes

First published in 1883, this charming book includes many of James Whitcomb Riley's signature poems,...

Half Upon a Time
Aladdin (2010)

Jack lives in a fantasy world. Really. He's the son of the infamous Jack who stole the magic beans...

Twice Upon a Time
Aladdin (2012)

Pirates and mermaids face off in this fractured-fairy tale sequel to Half Upon a Time ! Jack and...

Once Upon the End
Aladdin (2013)

Will there be happily ever after? Don’t miss the fractured-fairy tale conclusion to the...

Story Thieves
Aladdin (2015)

This “clever opener likely to leave readers breathless both with laughter and anticipation” ( Kirkus...

International Government Finance and the Amsterdam Capital Market, 1740–1815

This book reconstructs and surveys the international credit structure's principal effects on the...

Secret Origins
Aladdin (2017)

Bethany travels to a new fictional world to rescue her father in this third book in the New York...

Pick the Plot
Aladdin (2017)

Readers choose what happens when Owen finds himself stuck in a Pick Your Own Plot story, in this...