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Quality Is Personal: A Foundation For Total Quality Management

Quality Is Personal

A Foundation For Total Quality Management

Free Press (2010)

In this penetrating guide to involving employees in the process of total quality management, the...

Business Interruption Policy Wordings

This book addresses topics identified by the BI community and the CILA.Clarity and contract...

Basic Illustrated Backpacking
Falcon Guides (2008)

An information-packed tool for the novice or handy reference for the veteran. Distills years of...

Basic Illustrated Canoe Paddling
Falcon Guides (2008)

A compact and authoritative book on paddling technique for the recreational canoeist. Discover how...

Automatic Program Development: A Tribute to Robert Paige

Automatic Program Development

A Tribute to Robert Paige

Olivier Danvy, Fritz Henglein and 2 more...

“Automatic Program Development” is a tribute to Robert Paige (1947-1999), our accomplished and...

The Nature of Statistics

Classic text focuses on everyday applications as well as those of scientific research. Minimal...

Atom Resolved Surface Reactions: Nanocatalysis

This book offers a unique perspective of the impact of scanning probe microscopies on our...

Changing Regional Alliances for China and the West

The rise of China is set in a regional perspective of competitive interdependency with the major...