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Race and Theology

Even in the Church, justice for some is justice for none.

Torrid Books (2016)

Sixteen-year-old Glendora Stamford was raised by her older brother, Thomas, after their parents died...

Exploring Theology

In Exploring Theology, Elaine A. Robinson introduces readers to the study of theology as a central...

Salena: Blackbird Trilogy 3
Torrid Books (2016)

Salena Mahoney’s parents shipped her from Wales to America in an arranged marriage with a family...

Jasmine (The Blackbird Trilogy 2)
Torrid Books (2016)

Jasmine Beaudine is a beautiful woman—the daughter of an unmarried New Orleans Creole. She learned...

A Promise Kept [Maggie's Prayer]

Maggie's second chance at happiness came with her second Charlie, a man who discovered...

Shakespeare Attacks Bigotry: A Close Reading of Six Plays

Shakespeare Attacks Bigotry

A Close Reading of Six Plays

The author argues that Renaissance humanism created a system of bigotry and eroded the practice of...

Coming Full Circle: Constructing Native Christian Theology

Coming Full Circle

Constructing Native Christian Theology


Coming Full Circle provides a working constructive dogmatics in Native Christian theology. Drawing...

International Financial Statement Analysis Workbook
Wiley (2008)

To enhance your understanding of the tools and techniques presented in International Financial...

International Financial Statement Analysis Workbook
Wiley (2015)

International Financial Statement Analysis provides the most up-to-date detail for the successful...