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Religion and the Body

Modern Science and the Construction of Religious Meaning

BRILL (2012)

This book reflects on the implications of neurobiology and the scientific worldview on aspects of...

Zero-Day Exploit:

Countdown to Darkness

Rob Shein, Marcus Sachs and 1 more...

The realistic portrayals of researching, developing, and ultimately defending the Internet from a...

The Neurospora Compendium

Chromosomal Loci


The fungi have been major players in the molecular revolution that has transformed biology. Because...

Listening to Others

Developmental and Clinical Aspects of Empathy and Attunement


This edited volume addresses the critical psychoanalytic issue of effective listening. This issue...

Freud and the Far East

Psychoanalytic Perspectives on the People and Culture of China, Japan, and Korea

Salman Akhtar, June Cai and 18 more...

This book is a lexical ambassador with the dual responsibility of bridging the West and East and...

Specimen Science

Ethics and Policy Implications

The MIT Press (2017)

Legal, regulatory, and ethical perspectives on balancing social benefit and human autonomy in...