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The Killing State

Capital Punishment in Law, Politics and Culture


Brings together the work of writers to discuss the meaning of execution in American law and culture....


This book examines law's complex relationship to sovereign power and emergency conditions and places...

Dissenting Voices in American Society

The Role of Judges, Lawyers, and Citizens


A collection of essays and commentary that explores the status of dissent in the work and lives of...


This book questions what practices constitute a 'religious activity' such that it cannot be...

Race, Law, and Culture

Reflections on Brown v. Board of Education


When it comes to race and racial issues these are strange times for all Americans. More than forty...

Mercy on Trial

What It Means to Stop an Execution


On January 11, 2003, Illinois Governor George Ryan--a Republican on record as saying that "some...

Gruesome Spectacles

Botched Executions and America's Death Penalty


Gruesome Spectacles tells the sobering history of botched, mismanaged, and painful executions in...


This is an edited volume of essays that examines the ideas of speech and silence - particularly...

Merciful Judgments and Contemporary Society

Legal Problems, Legal Possibilities


This book explores the tension between law's need for and dependence on merciful judgments and...


This book charts the ambiguous and contested meanings of civil rights in law and culture,...