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Carl Schmitt

Theorist for the Reich


Basing his work on the writings of Schmitt and his contemporaries, extensive new archival...

Carl Schmitt

Law as Politics, Ideology and Strategic Myth


There continues to be a remarkable revival in academic interest in Carl Schmitt's thought within...

Carl Schmitt

Un esprit dangereux

Armand Colin (2007)

Son adhésion dépourvue de repentir au nazisme vaut au théoricien politique Carl Schmitt (1888-1985)...

The Lesson of Carl Schmitt

Four Chapters on the Distinction between Political Theology and Political Philosophy, Expanded Edition


Heinrich Meier’s work on Carl Schmitt has dramatically reoriented the international debate about...

Carl Schmitt im Kontext

Intellektuellenpolitik in der Weimarer Republik

De Gruyter (2012)

Carl Schmitt verfügt heute über eine so breite und stets wachsende internationale Leserschaft wie...


McCormick furnishes a comprehensive account of Carl Schmitt's critique of liberalism.


Analyses the twentieth century international order through the ideas of German political theorist...


Carl Schmitt was the most famous and controversial defender of political theology in the twentieth...


The writings of Carl Schmitt are now indissociable from both an historical period and a contemporary...

Thomas Hobbes and Carl Schmitt

The Politics of Order and Myth


Thomas Hobbes, the English 17 th century philosopher, and Carl Schmitt, Hitler’s ‘crown jurist’, a...