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Martin Scorsese: A Biography

Traces Scorsese's Italian-American heritage, his personal nature, his private relationships, and...

Martin Scorsese: The Pocket Essential Guide

Martin Scorsese

The Pocket Essential Guide

There is more to Scorsese's work than crime and violence. His characters are trying to attain some...

Martin Scorsese: Interviews, Revised and Updated

Martin Scorsese

Interviews, Revised and Updated

This collection was originally edited by the late Peter Brunette in 1999 and is now revised and...

Martin Scorsese's America
Wiley (2013)

For over four decades, Martin Scorsese has been the chronicler of an obsessive society, where...

The Philosophy of Martin Scorsese

In The Philosophy of Martin Scorsese, an impressive cast of contributors explores the complex themes...

A Companion to Martin Scorsese
Wiley (2014)

A Companion to Martin Scorsese is a comprehensive collection of original essays assessing the...

The Passion of Martin Scorsese: A Critical Study of the Films

The Passion of Martin Scorsese

A Critical Study of the Films

From his earliest shorts to his recent feature ?lms The Departed and Shutter Island, this book...

Martin Scorsese's Raging Bull

Raging Bull explores all facets of the groundbreaking 1980 film directed by Martin Scorsese.

Wiseguy: The 25th Anniversary Edition


The 25th Anniversary Edition


Nicholas Pileggi’s vivid, unvarnished, journalistic chronicle of the life of Henry Hill—the...

The Age of the Image: Redefining Literacy in a World of Screens

The Age of the Image

Redefining Literacy in a World of Screens


An urgent, erudite, and practical book that redefines literacy to embrace how we think and...