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Heartlands of Eurasia: The Geopolitics of Political Space

Heartlands of Eurasia

The Geopolitics of Political Space


Based on an exploration of the heartland debate, Heartlands of Eurasia examines how the vision of...

Symbols and the Image of the State in Eurasia

This book discusses the significance of cultural symbols/‘images’ in the nation-building of Eurasian...

Myth and Rhetoric of the Turkish Model: Exploring Developmental Alternatives

Myth and Rhetoric of the Turkish Model

Exploring Developmental Alternatives


This book discusses the Turkish Model of a ‘secular, democratic, liberal society’ for Central Asian...

The State in Eurasia: Performance in Local and Global Arenas: Performance in Local and Global Arenas
KW Publishers (2012)

Since the emergence of post-Soviet states in the Eurasian space there has been considerable...

Insights and Commentaries: South and Central Asia: South and Central Asia
KW Publishers (2015)

This volume emerged out of a search for scholarship that has studied connectivity between South and...

Beyond Strategies: Cultural Dynamics in Asian Connections: Cultural Dynamics in Asian Connections
KW Publishers (2014)

While strategic issues continue to be the critical element for foreign policy formulation there are...

Protest and the State in Eurasia and West Asia
KW Publishers (2016)

The twenty-first century has witnessed disaffection and protest across Eurasia and West Asia,...

Central Asia and Regional Security
KW Publishers (2014)

While security concerns have assumed salience across the globe, Afghanistan’s proximity to Central...