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Family Psychology: Theory, Research, and Practice: Theory, Research, and Practice
ABC-CLIO (2015)

Family Psychology: Theory, Research, and Practice is the definitive introductory text on family...

Baseball as a Road to God: Seeing Beyond the Game

Baseball as a Road to God

Seeing Beyond the Game

John Sexton, Thomas Oliphant and 1 more...

The president of New York University offers a love letter to America’s most beloved sport and a...

International Psychology: Views from around the World

While acknowledging their major debt to Europeans like Freud, Piaget, Erickson, Lewin, and Jung,...

Disagreements of the Jurists: A Manual of Islamic Legal Theory

Disagreements of the Jurists

A Manual of Islamic Legal Theory

Devin Stewart, John Coughlin and 2 more...
NYU Press (2017)

A masterful overview of Islamic law and its diversity   Al-Qadi al-Nu'man was the chief legal...

Four Views on the Church's Mission
Zondervan (2017)

This book articulates various evangelical views regarding the church’s mission and provides a...

Going Global: Inclusion, innovation, impact

Going Global

Inclusion, innovation, impact

Mary Stiasny, Tim Gore and 40 more...

The British Council and IOE Press are proud to present Volume 4 in the series titled ‘Going Global’....