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World War II German Motorized Infantry & Panzergrenadiers

In World War II Germany's doctrine of mobile warfare dominated the battlefield. By trial and error,...

Knight’s Move: The Hunt for Marshal Tito 1944

Knight’s Move

The Hunt for Marshal Tito 1944


On 25 May 1944, 800 men of the 500th SS Parachute Battalion descended on Drvar, a town behind enemy...

Hitler’s Russian & Cossack Allies 1941–45

Given the merciless way in which the war on the Eastern Front of World War II was conducted, it is...

Red Christmas: The Tatsinskaya Airfield Raid 1942

Red Christmas

The Tatsinskaya Airfield Raid 1942


By December 1942, the Soviets had surrounded the German 6th Army in Stalingrad, cutting off all...

British Paratrooper vs Fallschirmjäger: Mediterranean 1942–43

The airborne forces of Britain and Germany were among their best troops of World War II and when...

German Infantryman vs Soviet Rifleman: Barbarossa 1941

The Axis invasion of the Soviet Union on 22 June 1941 pitted Nazi Germany and her allies against...

Russian Security and Paramilitary Forces since 1991

While the size of Russia's regular forces has shrunk recently, its security and paramilitary...

World War II US Navy Special Warfare Units

With the need for large-scale amphibious landings to decide the outcome of World War II the US Navy...

Spetsnaz: Russia’s Special Forces


Russia’s Special Forces


When the shadowy, notorious Spetsnaz were first formed, they drew on a long Soviet tradition of...

Templar Knight vs Mamluk Warrior: 1218–50

Step into the violent world of the 13th century, where the European states of the Levant battled...