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Trying Not to Try

Ancient China, Modern Science, and the Power of Spontaneity


A deeply original exploration of the power of spontaneity—an ancient Chinese ideal that cognitive...


This book examines some of the problems facing the study of culture.

Effortless Action

Wu-wei As Conceptual Metaphor and Spiritual Ideal in Early China


This book presents a systematic account of the role of the personal spiritual ideal of...

Mind and Body in Early China

Beyond Orientalism and the Myth of Holism


Mind and Body in Early China critiques Orientalist accounts of early China as a radical "holistic"...


With Selections from Traditional Commentaries

This edition goes beyond others that largely leave readers to their own devices in understanding...

The Essential Analects

Selected Passages with Traditional Commentary

The Essential Analects offers a representative selection from Edward Slingerland's acclaimed...

Creating Consilience

Integrating the Sciences and the Humanities


This volume takes a new approach to bridging the cultures of science and the humanities. The editors...

Effortless Attention

A New Perspective in the Cognitive Science of Attention and Action

Brian Bruya, Brian Bruya and 31 more...
The MIT Press (2010)

The phenomena of effortless attention and action and the challenges they pose to current cognitive...