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Sport Business in the Global Marketplace

Sport has become big business. This book takes a global look at the business of sport focusing upon...

The Sport Business Future

The Sport Business Future examines the impact of powerful changes on the business of sport,...

Introduction to Sport Marketing: Second edition

Introduction to Sport Marketing is an accessible and engaging introduction to key concepts and best...

Business Leadership and the Lessons from Sport

Sport represents a very intense and dynamic form of competition for individuals and for teams. Many...

Thinking about Religion: Extending the Cognitive Science of Religion

Thinking about Religion

Extending the Cognitive Science of Religion


Thinking about Religion examines cutting-edge breakthroughs from across the sciences concluding...

Brand Fans: Lessons from the World's Greatest Sporting Brands

Brand Fans

Lessons from the World's Greatest Sporting Brands

Combining the latest branding research with a diverse range of powerful case examples, this book...

Reinventing Innovation: Designing the Dual Organization

Reinventing Innovation

Designing the Dual Organization

Based on research findings and detailed, original cases, this book charts the new innovation...

Fostering Innovative Cultures in Sport: Leadership, Innovation and Change

Fostering Innovative Cultures in Sport

Leadership, Innovation and Change

Analysing the trends that are emerging in sport enterprises such as advancements in technology and...

Sport Management: Principles and Applications

Sport Management

Principles and Applications


Now available in a fully revised and updated fifth edition, Sport Management: Principles and...

ESV Men's Devotional Bible
Crossway (2015)

The  Men’s Devotional Bible  will strengthen men in their walk with Christ, helping...