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Letty Fox: Her Luck

From Paris to London to wartime New York, a young woman comes of age—and comes apart—in this witty...

I'm Dying Laughing: The Humourist

Christina Stead’s unforgettable final novel—a profound examination of love and radicalism during the...

The Little Hotel

At the Hotel Swiss-Touring, both the guests and the staff get tangled in intrigues and veiled...

House of All Nations

The devious world of international finance comes alive in Christina Stead’s enthralling epic about a...

The Man Who Loved Children: A Novel

“This crazy, gorgeous family novel is one of the great literary achievements of the twentieth...

For Love Alone

One woman’s obsession with love and fate leads her to unexpected truths about passion, sexuality,...

The Beauties and Furies

It is 1934, and Elvira Western has left London and her dull marriage to Paul, a doctor, for Paris...

A Little Tea, a Little Chat

New York, on the cusp of World War II. Robert Grant, a middle-aged businessman, lives life by his...

The Puzzleheaded Girl

‘I hate and despise business and anything to do with making money.’ ‘Do you think it’s wrong?’ ...

From the Margins of Empire: Christina Stead, Doris Lessing, Nadine Gordimer

From the Margins of Empire

Christina Stead, Doris Lessing, Nadine Gordimer


Situated at the intersection of the colonial and the postcolonial, the modern and the postmodern,...