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Aspartic Proteinases: Structure, Function, Biology, and Biomedical Implications

Aspartic Proteinases

Structure, Function, Biology, and Biomedical Implications

Springer US (2012)

The 5th International Conference on Aspartic Proteinases was held on September 19 through 24, 1993,...

Identity Management: Concepts, Technologies, and Systems

Identity Management

Concepts, Technologies, and Systems

Artech House (2011)

Digital identity can be defined as the digital representation of the information known about a...

Three-Dimensional Integration of Semiconductors: Processing, Materials, and Applications

Three-Dimensional Integration of Semiconductors

Processing, Materials, and Applications

Kazuo Kondo, Morihiro Kada and 1 more...

This book starts with background concerning three-dimensional integration - including their low...