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Romancing the Tomes: Popular Culture, Law and Feminism

Romancing the Tomes

Popular Culture, Law and Feminism


This provocative collection of essays by scholars from the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand...

Above the Bright Blue Sky

Life for Maisie Jackson has been far from happy for a number of years - ever since her mother...

Until We Meet Again

It’s the summer of 1914 – the last peaceful summer Britain will see for four long years. Tilly Moon...

Down an English Lane

It is 1945 and the charming market town of Middlebeck is thriving once more. For fifteen-year-old...

Time Goes By

Kathy Leigh never knew her mother, who she'd been told had died many years ago in a freak accident....

A True Love of Mine

In August 1900, ten-year-old Maddy has made a new friend on the sands of North Bay, Scarborough. The...

Remember Me

1907. William Moon’s heart swells with pride at the achievements of his daughter, Maddy. When, at...

Old Friends, New Friends

A British college student and her birth mother each struggle with questions of love and loyalty in...

Love and Marriage

“A heartwarming portrait of three young women transitioning from fiancé to wife and mother” (...

One Week in August

A tale of three young women, a fast friendship, and a summer of life-changing romances in 1950s...