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So B. It
HarperCollins (2009)

Now a major motion picture starring Alfre Woodard, Jessica Collins, John Heard, Jacinda Barrett,...

As Simple as It Seems
HarperCollins (2010)

Verbena Colter knows she's bad news. Trouble from the get-go. How could she not be, with parents...

Jumping the Scratch
HarperCollins (2009)

Jamie Reardon has always heard that bad things come in threes. So after his cat, Mister, dies, his...

Two eggs, please.

Eggs, eggs, eggs— In this ebook, everyone wants eggs! But do they want the same kinds of eggs? NO!...

Sophie Peterman Tells the Truth!

Sophie Peterman is here to tell you the truth about babies. Babies are not sweet. Babies...

Six Weeks in the Sioux Tepees
TwoDot (2016)

Six Weeks in the Sioux Tepees is a reprint of the classic narrative of Sarah Wakefield's survival....

The Three-Week Arrangement

Ethan Chase isn't interested in dating. After losing the woman he loved more than life itself, he'd...

The Two Week Wait: A Novel

A memorable and moving page-turner about two very different women, each yearning to create a family...

One Week In November

AJ thought she could escape her troubled childhood, but a phone call from her estranged mother...

Catfish Kate and the Sweet Swamp Band

Catfish Kate and her all-girl band liven up the bayou with their rockin’ tunes, but the Skunktail...