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William H. Whyte's The Organization Man
Macat Library (2018)

William Whyte’s core idea in The Organization Man is that the Protestant Ethic that characterized...

The Organization Man

"Recognized as a benchmark, Whyte's book reveals the dilemmas at the heart of the group ethos that...

The Last Landscape

"For years we wasted land with impunity," William H. Whyte writes in this classic work at last...

City: Rediscovering the Center


Rediscovering the Center

In a challenging and provocative book, William Whyte, author of the classic The Organization Man ,...

Robotics: Science and Systems VII


Science and Systems VII

Hugh Durrant-Whyte, Nicholas Roy and 116 more...
The MIT Press (2012)

Papers from a flagship conference reflect the latest developments in the field, including work in...