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African American Students’ Career and College Readiness: The Journey Unraveled

College and Career Readiness of African American Students: The Journey Unraveled provides a...

Schooling the Symbolic Animal: Social and Cultural Dimensions of Education

Schooling the Symbolic Animal

Social and Cultural Dimensions of Education

This anthology introduces some of the most influential literature shaping our understanding of the...

Research on Schools, Neighborhoods and Communities: Toward Civic Responsibility

This volume focuses on research and theoretical developments related to the role of geography in...

Human Subjects Research Regulation: Perspectives on the Future

Human Subjects Research Regulation

Perspectives on the Future

The MIT Press (2014)

Experts from different disciplines offer novel ideas for improving research oversight and protection...

Health Humanities Reader

Over the past forty years, the health humanities, previously called the medical humanities, has...

The Cognitive Neurosciences
The MIT Press (2014)

The fifth edition of a work that defines the field of cognitive neuroscience, with entirely new...