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Nietzsche's Philosophy of Religion

In this book, Julian Young argues that Nietzsche's early religious communitarianism persists through...


Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) was one of the greatest writers and German philosophers of the...

Nietzsche's Philosophy of Art

This is a clear and lucid account of Nietzsche's philosophy of art.

Heidegger, Philosophy, Nazism

This book argues that despite Heidegger's involvement with Nazism his philosophy is not compromised.

Friedrich Nietzsche: A Philosophical Biography

Friedrich Nietzsche

A Philosophical Biography


Julian Young provides the most comprehensive biography available of the life and philosophy of the...

The Philosophy of Tragedy: From Plato to Žižek

The Philosophy of Tragedy

From Plato to Žižek


This book, written in an accessible style, is an exhaustive survey of the philosophy of tragedy from...

Individual and Community in Nietzsche's Philosophy

The ten essays that comprise this volume wrestle with the tension between the individual and the...

The Death of God and the Meaning of Life

What is the meaning of life? In today's secular, post-religious scientific world, this question has...

German Philosophy in the Twentieth Century: Weber to Heidegger

The course of German philosophy in the twentieth century is one of the most exciting, diverse and...

The Philosophies of Richard Wagner

Julian Young presents Richard Wagner as an important philosopher of art and life, first as a utopian...