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Basics of Hydraulic Systems
CRC Press (2008)

Draws the Link Between Service Knowledge and the Advanced Theory of Fluid Power Providing the...

Precision Agriculture Technology for Crop Farming
CRC Press (2015)

Explores the Sustainable Development of Agriculture in Technology Precision agriculture...

Sea Ice Image Processing with MATLAB®
CRC Press (2018)

The ice concentration data on a global scale are available on a daily basis due to microwave...

Growth Mechanisms and Novel Properties of Silicon Nanostructures from Quantum-Mechanical Calculations

In this volume, Prof. Zhang reviews the systematic theoretical studies in his group on the growth...

Agricultural Automation: Fundamentals and Practices
CRC Press (2016)

Agricultural automation is the core technology for computer-aided agricultural production management...

Quantum Simulations of Materials and Biological Systems

This book details applications of DFT methods to large materials and biological systems, such...

Nematode-Trapping Fungi

These chapters provide up-to-date information on nematophagous fungi, particularly those of the ...

Phonon Thermal Transport in Silicon-Based Nanomaterials

In this Brief, authors introduce the advance in theoretical and experimental techniques for...

Average-Cost Control of Stochastic Manufacturing Systems

Most manufacturing systems are large, complex, and operate in an environment of uncertainty. It is...

Fundamentals of Software Culture

As the first book about software culture, this book discusses software culture from three...