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Agogic Maps

From Musical Phrasing to Enhancement of Urban Spaces

This book explores the value of the musical concept of “agogics” – the modification of regular...

Commercial Energy Auditing Reference Handbook 2nd Edition


With increasing awareness that innovative technology alone is insufficient to make sustainable...

Fundamentals of Metallic Corrosion

Atmospheric and Media Corrosion of Metals

CRC Press (2006)

Understanding corrosion is essential for selecting and maintaining equipment and structural...

Richard E. Flathman

Situated Concepts, Virtuosity Liberalism and Opalescent Individuality


Richard E. Flathman is a ground-breaking theorist of key political concepts, a fierce defender of...

Secondary School Selection

A British Psychological Society Inquiry


Selection for secondary education at 11-plus still arouses widespread controversy; and the...

Paint and Coatings

Applications and Corrosion Resistance

CRC Press (2005)

Paint and Coatings: Applications and Corrosion Resistance helps designers, engineers, and...

Corrosion of Linings & Coatings

Cathodic and Inhibitor Protection and Corrosion Monitoring

CRC Press (2006)

Instead of using expensive alloys to construct a tank or processing vessel, it is often more...

CRC Press (2006)

Corrosion of Polymers and Elastomers provides a detailed examination of the corrosive effects of...

CRC Press (2007)

A new analytical method that uses the capacity axis of a section to determine its minimum capacity...