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Integrated Pest Management for Crops and Pastures

Describes how to successfully implement IPM in cropping and grazing operations.

Integrated Pest Management: Concepts, Tactics, Strategies and Case Studies

Integrated Pest Management

Concepts, Tactics, Strategies and Case Studies


This textbook presents theory and concepts in integrated pest management, complemented by two...

Molybdenum in Agriculture

This book condenses all the information available on the subject of molybdenum as it relates to...

Herbicides and Plant Physiology
Wiley (2010)

Herbicides make a spectacular contribution to modern crop production. Yet, for the development of...

Silicon in Agriculture

Presenting the first book to focus on the importance of silicon for plant health and soil...

Insect Resistance Management: Biology, Economics, and Prediction

Insect Resistance Management

Biology, Economics, and Prediction


Insects, mites, and ticks have a long history of evolving resistance to pesticides, host-plant...

Enological Chemistry

Enological Chemistry is written for the professional enologist tasked with finding the right...

Concise Encyclopedia of Plant Pathology
CRC Press (2004)

An easy-to-use single reference source covering the full range of subject areas associated with...

Handbook of Pesticides: Methods of Pesticide Residues Analysis

Handbook of Pesticides

Methods of Pesticide Residues Analysis

CRC Press (2016)

This handbook provides a systematic description of the principles, procedures, and technology of the...

Fruit Fly Fighters: Eradication of the Papaya Fruit Fly

Fruit Fly Fighters

Eradication of the Papaya Fruit Fly


A practical account of the campaign to eradicate the papaya fruit fly from north Queensland.