Agricultural conservation

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Nature's Matrix

Linking Agriculture, Conservation and Food Sovereignty


Landscapes are frequently seen as fragments of natural habitat surrounded by a 'sea' of agriculture....


Brings together extensive scientific learning on what makes a good farm for biodiversity.


A synthesis of international research on the water requirements of eleven major fruit crops,...

Wiley (2010)

This book provides an invaluable, comprehensive and practical introduction to conservation issues...

From the Corn Belt to the Gulf

Societal and Environmental Implications of Alternative Agricultural Futures


Nutrients from farms in the Mississippi River Basin are the leading cause of the Gulf of Mexico�s...


This timely book provides a thorough introduction to the inter-relationship of food and the...

Sustainable Agroecosystem Management

Integrating Ecology, Economics, and Society

CRC Press (2009)

Emphasizes Centrality of the Ecosystem Perspective Sustainable management of agroecosystems in...

CRC Press (2015)

Salinity stress currently impacts more than 80 million hectares of land worldwide and more arable...


Provides information that will allow users to recover salt-degraded land with selected plantation...

Conservation Agriculture

Global Prospects and Challenges

R. A. Jat, K. L. Sahrawat and 1 more...
CABI (2013)

The book covers the spread of conservation agriculture (CA) to regions including Brazil, Argentina,...