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Small Cattle for Small Farms

Covers a broad range of topics including what breeds are available and how to select your stock and...

The Complete Equine Legal and Business Handbook: Legal Insights and Practical Tips for a Successful Horse Business

The Complete Equine Legal and Business Handbook

Legal Insights and Practical Tips for a Successful Horse Business

Eclipse Press (2007)

This comprehensive handbook covers areas of possible conflict for all horse owners and equine...

The Farming Game: Agricultural Management and Marketing

The Farming Game

Agricultural Management and Marketing

Bill Malcolm, Jack Makeham and 1 more...

Essential reading for all students of agricultural science and for everyone who needs to understand...

Managing Horses on Small Properties

A comprehensive guide to the management of horses and land for owners of small properties.

Nursery Management

An introduction to setting up and running a profitable nursery.

Wine Marketing

Whilst Wine Marketing: a practical guide also looks at theory and existing research, the main...

Sheep Farming for Meat and Wool

Covers all aspects of sheep farming for meat and wool production throughout temperate Australia.

Feedpads for Grazing Dairy Cows

Comprehensive guide to the use of feedpads in the dairy industry, written especially for farmers.

Financial Management for Agribusiness

Presents a practical approach to financial decision making for all those involved in agribusiness.

True to Our Roots: Fermenting a Business Revolution

True to Our Roots

Fermenting a Business Revolution

Wiley (2010)

True to Our Roots sets forth the simple but powerful management principles that enabled Fetzer...