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Experimental Design and Analysis for Tree Improvement

Provides practical procedures to follow when planning, designing and analysing tree improvement...

Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management: Confronting Tradeoffs

Compiles the issues involved in successful ecosystem-based fisheries management to foster its...

Contested Agronomy: Agricultural Research in a Changing World

Contested Agronomy

Agricultural Research in a Changing World


The dramatic increases in food prices experienced over the last four years, and their effects of...

Agricultural Research Policy

Agricultural Research Policy was first published in 1982. The ability to develop and manage an...

Field and Laboratory Methods for Grassland and Animal Production Research
CABI (2000)

Considers a range of methods used by plant and animal production scientists to study grassland...

Agricultural Research Policy in an Era of Privatization
CABI (2002)

Late 20th century decades witnessed a dramatic shift from public to private sector funding and...

Public-Private Collaboration in Agricultural Research: New Institutional Arrangements and Economic Implications

Public-Private Collaboration in Agricultural Research

New Institutional Arrangements and Economic Implications

Wiley (2008)

An examination of technology transfer in agricultural research collaborations Public-Private...

Science for Agriculture: A Long-Term Perspective
Wiley (2008)

Science for Agriculture was the first thorough quantitative and analytical treatment of the history...

Environmental Fate Modelling of Pesticides: From the Laboratory to the Field Scale

Environmental Fate Modelling of Pesticides

From the Laboratory to the Field Scale

Wiley (2008)

This book is concerned with modelling the fate of organic substances in the soil. Once a chemical...

Science Agriculture and Research: A Compromised Participation

Science Agriculture and Research

A Compromised Participation

Susannah Bolton, Eddie Arthur and 3 more...

Research is never free of pressures and constraints and to understand its results properly these...