Block designs

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Graph Theory, Coding Theory and Block Designs

These are notes deriving from lecture courses on the theory of t-designs and graph theory given by...

Quasi-symmetric Designs

The authors discuss comprehensively the generalization of results and applications to...

The Steiner Tree Problem

The Steiner problem asks for a shortest network which spans a given set of points. Minimum spanning...

Incomplete Block Designs

This book presents a systematic, rigorous and comprehensive account of the theory and applications...

Shortest Connectivity: An Introduction with Applications in Phylogeny

Shortest Connectivity

An Introduction with Applications in Phylogeny

Springer US (2006)

The aim in this graduate level text is to outline the key mathematical concepts that underpin these...

Near Polygons

Near polygons were introduced about 25 years ago and studied intensively in the 1980s. In recent...