Combinatorial packing and covering

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Finite Packing and Covering

This book provides an in-depth discussion of the theory of finite packings and coverings by convex...

Covering Codes

The problems of constructing covering codes and of estimating their parameters are the main concern...

Codes on Euclidean Spheres

Codes on Euclidean spheres are often referred to as spherical codes. They are of interest from...

The Pursuit of Perfect Packing
CRC Press (2000)

In 1998 Thomas Hales dramatically announced the solution of a problem that has long teased eminent...

The Pursuit of Perfect Packing
CRC Press (2008)

Coauthored by one of the creators of the most efficient space packing solution, the Weaire–Phelan...

Least Action Principle Of Crystal Formation Of Dense Packing Type And Kepler's Conjecture

The dense packing of microscopic spheres (i.e. atoms) is the basic geometric arrangement in crystals...

The Kepler Conjecture: The Hales-Ferguson Proof

The Kepler Conjecture

The Hales-Ferguson Proof


The Kepler conjecture, one of geometry's oldest unsolved problems, was formulated in 1611 by...