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Inverse Eigenvalue Problems: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications

Inverse Eigenvalue Problems

Theory, Algorithms, and Applications

OUP Oxford (2005)

Inverse eigenvalue problems arise in a remarkable variety of applications and associated with any...

Non-Self-Adjoint Boundary Eigenvalue Problems

This monograph provides a comprehensive treatment of expansion theorems for regular systems of first...

Large Scale Eigenvalue Problems

Results of research into large scale eigenvalue problems are presented in this volume. The papers...

Numerical Methods for General and Structured Eigenvalue Problems

The purpose of this book is to describe recent developments in solving eig- value problems, in...

Geršgorin and His Circles

TheGer? sgorin CircleTheorem, averywell-known resultin linear algebra today, stems from the paper of...

Symplectic Methods for the Symplectic Eigenproblem
Springer US (2007)

The solution of eigenvalue problems is an integral part of many scientific computations. For...

Eigenvalues, Inequalities, and Ergodic Theory

A problem of broad interest – the estimation of the spectral gap for matrices or differential...

Numerical Methods for Eigenvalue Problems
De Gruyter (2012)

Eigenvalues and eigenvectors of matrices and linear operators play an important role when solving...

Extremum Problems for Eigenvalues of Elliptic Operators

Problems linking the shape of a domain or the coefficients of an elliptic operator to the sequence...