Inequalities (Mathematics)

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Negative Binomial Regression

A substantial enhancement of the only text devoted entirely to the negative binomial model and its...

Complex Polynomials

This book studies the geometric theory of polynomials and rational functions in the plane.

Polynomials and Vanishing Cycles

A systematic geometro-topological approach to vanishing cycles appearing in non-proper fibrations;...

Class Field Theory

This book provides an accessible introduction to class field theory. It takes a traditional...

Galois Theory

The new edition of this text on classical Galois Theory approaches the theory from the linear...

Inequalities Based on Sobolev Representations

Inequalities based on Sobolev Representations deals exclusively with tight integral inequalities of...

Algebraic Number Theory

This undergraduate textbook provides an approachable and thorough introduction to the topic of...

Polynomial Convexity

This comprehensive monograph details polynomially convex sets. It discusses important applications...

Polynomials with Special Regard to Reducibility

This book covers most of the known results on reducibility of polynomials.

Numerical Methods for Roots of Polynomials - Part I

Numerical Methods for Roots of Polynomials - Part I (along with volume 2 covers most of the...